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Creating the Sustainable Circle of Life

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What is is a non-profit that is focused on creating a sustainable circle of survival, changing the future for the greener. The three main components that go into play are, clean water, clean food and clean energy. This sustainable way of life is a framework that can be implemented in something as small as a tiny home all the way up to skyscrapers, and beyond.


Algae is an amazing organism, algae used to clean wastewater can create biodiesel and a renewable feedstock simultaneously.


Clean water is crucial for survival yet almost a billion people do not have access to it. This problem can be solved by using algae.


Feeding fish the algae feedstock in an Aquponics setup can feed plants creating two different food sources symbiotically living together ready for human consumption.


Algae is the fundamental way of creating energy in a creation and could be combined with many other energy sources one of which is a promising new technology of clear solar panels.

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